Ojukwu's Wife, Bianca Ojukwu Keeps Dreams Alive

When beautiful Bianca Ojukwu was named Ambassador to Spain by former President, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan, it was greeted with mixed feelings. 

While many described the appointment as a compensation of sorts for the Chief Emeka Odumegwu Ojukwu clan, some concluded that it was an opportunity for the beautiful widow of late Biafran warlord and Eze Igbo Gburugburu, to serve her fatherland. 

On assumption of office in faraway Spain, she displayed brilliance and intelligence, as she carried out her assignments, which many had thought would be too overwhelming for her, with uncommon ease. 

This, we gathered, endeared her so much to Nigerians in that European country; and in no time, she was honoured with several awards by many who found her a worthy Nigerian ambassador. 

However, since she was removed from the position by the current administration, she has struggled to remain relevant. Despite the disappointment of cutting short her ambassadorial duties, she turned that into the leaping board for her political career at home. 

It would be recalled that her move to represent her people at the senate during the last election met a brick wall as some political luminaries in Anambra State worked against her interest to pick the APGA ticket.

Though the experience at that time was tempestuous and was enough to consume a lily-livered, Bianca refused to be thrown into the political wilderness. The more they try to bury her politically, the more she sprouts like a seed in a well fertile land. The ever-stunning former beauty queen has repudiated the effort of those naysayers to push her to the background. In fact, some political pundits believe that the 53-year old beauty still has her whole political life ahead of her and she’s also aware of that.

Spotlight learnt that as the countdown to the Anambra State 2021 gubernatorial election hots up, the trained lawyer is presently moving around seeking for elders’ blessings for her next political move in the state. And sources said she’s really keen at giving it her best shot this time around.

Source: NetflixShows.Net

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