I Slept With My 9yrs Old Step Daughter Because My Daughter Denies Me...

30 years old Musa Abubakar Babangida has lauded in the police net for allegedly defiling his step daughter. 

Musa is being Investigated by Rivers State Criminal Investigation Department for alleged defilement of his 9years old daughter. Musa has admitted he did it putting blames on his wife saying that she is starving him of s*x. 

Musa said that anytime he touches his wife, she says she is tired. 

“I am here because my wife reported me to the Police that I have been sleeping with her daughter. I touch the girl because my wife does not allow me to near her.

“Anytime I want to touch my wife, she will say she is tired,” Musa said.

The little girl also said her own part of the story while narrating her bad experience with his step father. 

She said that Musa started defiling her at the age of four with the use of his hand. 

She added that she was afraid to tell her mother of her bad experience 

According to the minor, (name withheld), 

“When my mother brought me to Port Harcourt, I was 3 years old going to 4. Anytime my mother is not around, my daddy uses his finger to touch my vagina.

“When I tell my mummy she will tell me to shut up that why am I lying against my daddy. My daddy will deny and swear with his life that he does not touch me.

“But he continued till now that I am 9 years old when he started using his manhood to touch my vagina. I could not tell my mummy because she would shout at me.

“But my mummy noticed when she wanted to bathe me. She said my body was changing, that what is happening to me. I could not tell her but she begged and begged, I now told her that daddy has been touching my vagina.”

The Rivers State Police Command says Musa will be prosecuted in court soon.

Source: NetflixShows.Net

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