Is It Not Clear That Fulani People Are Not From Bauchi? - Nnamdi Kanu Asks

Daily Post Nigeria reported that the administrative committee of inquiry set up by the Bauchi State government to look into land disputes in the state starts to receive memoranda, Daddo Pulaku group, a conglomerate of Fulani socio-cultural associations in the state, has demanded 4% of the total landmass of the state as contained in the list of gazetted and ungazetted grazing reserves in the state.

The Fulani group urged the Bauchi State government to ensure the full implementation of the state Castle Routes Law of 2018, which prohibits cultivation on both sides of all major roads in the state by 30 meters from the drains.

It submitted that nomads are being threatened with intense hostility, which the group noted has multiplier effects every year.

Daddo Pulaku laments that those challenging herders’ right to live and their choice of occupation as the most beef eaters and addictive milk consumers, adding that nomads world over are never known to be parasites but major contributors to the economy of all nations.

According to the group, nomads in Bauchi State are confronted with challenges across the state, particularly in Itas/Gadau, Ganjuwa and Bauchi local government areas.

Reacting to the News, Nnamdi Kanu, the Leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) said that its now clear that Fulani is not from Bauchi. 

He reacted on his Facebook page saying:

"Now is it not clear to you that the Fulani people are not from Bauchi." 

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