Is This Dog Afraid of Coronavirus? See What It Did With Facemask When A Lady Sneezed Close to It (Video)

Coronavirus pandemic which is currently the talk of the town has put many in fears. 

A viral video i watched recently on social media shows that Coronavirus has gone viral to the extent it has also put fears in Animals as well. 

In the Viral video, a dog seems to be afraid of the coronavirus has it has to adapt a prevent measure to be safe from Coronavirus.

I have embedded the video in this post, it's below. In the video monitored by, A dog had to put on its facemasks when a woman was continuously sneezing close to it. 
Some dogs have human knowledge though it depends on how one trains his dog. 

Quite a funny video, it seems like the dog have heard about Covid-19 and it's is afraid of the coronavirus. 

Source: NetflixShows.Net

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