Made for each other Star life update Monday 20th July 2020

Made for each other 20th July 2020: On Made for each other Monday 20 July 2020 Star life update, The Episode begins with Komolika saying I need to stop the marriage. She slaps Ronit.

He asks what would you like to do, you need to go there, they know your reality, they will get you captured. She says I can’t sit back by getting scared of police, I can’t allow this to marriage occur. Mr. Bajaj grins seeing Prerna preparing. He says Maasi, I will leave, my heart isn’t so enormous, I can’t see Prerna’s marriage occurring, we will disclose to Prerna that our flight tickets are reserved, simply take Kuki. They come to Prerna. Maasi compliments Prerna. She requests that Kuki come. Mr. Bajaj says we have a trip to get, we need to go, however a debt of gratitude is in order for the love and concern, I have clarified Kuki, she gets it. Kuki says yes and kisses Prerna.

Maasi says we will hold up outside. She goes with Kuki. Mr.

Bajaj says Kuki will miss you a ton, even I will miss you, read this when we leave. She asks what’s in it. He says you can peruse it after we leave, I need to tell something, I will miss you Prerna, bye. He goes. She peruses the letter… . Dearest Prerna, I realize you won’t require me ever, in the event that you need any assistance, you can tell me, I m consistently there. Komolika leaves in the vehicle. Mr. Bajaj remains miserable. Anurag asks what occurred. Mr. Bajaj says you are fortunate to have Prerna. Anurag says Tanvi, Maasi and Kuki are leaving. Mr. Bajaj says we are leaving, deal with Prerna, else I need to return her life, I m genuine. Anurag grins and says don’t stress, I won’t inconvenience her. Mr. Bajaj says perhaps we don’t meet once more, we will meet in the event that you don’t give her the merited love. They shake hands. Mr. Bajaj bids farewell Basu… … and leaves.

Anurag comes to Prerna. He says who won’t succumb to you on observing you like this. She requests that he give her compliments, as Maasi did. He says pandit has come, he told about the huge puja, he was offering chunri to everybody, that chunri is called Mata favoring. She says you would have one chunri for me. He asks do you need that. She says truly, yet its late, I can sit in mandap without chunri. He says no, I will get it for you, you have approached me just because, I need you to get joy. She says I don’t need you to get cheerful. He kisses her and says I will simply come. She says I m pregnant, you will end up being a father. He asks what… . Tere sang yara… .plays… . They grin. He reviews and says that day… She says we are pregnant. He inquires as to for what reason didn’t you let me know, truly. He embraces her. She says truly. He says I m so glad, I love you. She says I love you as well. He says I will simply proceed to come. He converses with the infant and goes. Mohini asks where are you going. Anurag says Prerna needs chunri, I need to get it, stop the mahurat. Mohini says I have numerous chunris.

Anurag says let me go, I will simply come. Moloy jokes. Anupam asks Kumud not to say anything regarding Anurag, Mohini will blow up. Nivedita comes. Everybody grins seeing her. She says I m so glad to see you like this, I will be fine soon. She embraces Moloy and Mohini. Anupam likewise embraces Nivedita and asks are you fine. She says indeed, mortar will be expelled in a month, Tapur let me know everything. She asks where is Anurag. Mohini says I will say. Komolika says you are only mine, you can’t be of any other person, you love me, you attempted to spare me. Ronit calls her. He says for what reason did I disclose to her that Prerna an Anurag are wedding today. He tosses the telephone. He calls her once more. Anurag gets the chunri for Prerna. He leaves and thinks at long last I got this chunri, it was the last one. Komolika and Anurag stall out in the rush hour gridlock. She gets stunned seeing him. She pursues his vehicle. Prerna gets stressed and thinks what befell the climate, for what reason is my heart eager.

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