Man kidnaps His ex-wife, Puts her in a Bag for a ‘Romantic Date’ in the Forest

A Man has reportedly Kidnapped his ex-wife in a Bag, the victim who is A silver medalist mountain runner described how her ex-husband kidnapped her at knifepoint and wheeled her out of her flat stuffed in a sports bag.

The 34-year-old sportswoman, Elena Rukhlyada, is from Novosibirsk, Russia, where she is most well-known for winning the silver medal in the 2011 Mountain Running World Championship.

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A year after the incident, Elena talked about the traumatic details of being kidnapped by her husband and former special forces officer, Yaroslav Fokin, 35, saying she is still scared for her life.

In an interview with national newspaper Komsomolskaya Pravda, Elena said: “He always tried to limit me, in all terms.

“He was very jealous, that’s why, despite having two boys with him, I decided to separate from him, but he continued watching me.”

The sportswoman said that, on July 18 last year, Fokin came into her apartment, where she was with a friend called Maxim, and started threatening her with a knife.

Elena said: “I was very scared at that moment because about a month before he had got mad and told me ‘I’ll kill you. Slowly.’

That’s why I decided to not fight back.

“He tied up both Maxim and I by our hands and taped our mouths with tape.”

The athlete describes how her husband put her in a hockey bag he had bought with him and carried her down the stairs.

She said: “I was trying to chew the tape to release myself but understood that there was no way I could escape.

“I thought it was the end.”

CCTV footage shows the moment that Fokin leaves the apartment wheeling the hockey bag with his tied up wife inside into the car park.

Fokin put the bag into Maxim’s car, whose keys he had taken from the apartment.

The former special forces officer took Elena to a riverbank where a rubber dingy he had previously left there was waiting.

Elena said: “I did not interfere as he was evil and could use the knife.

“He brought me to a place in the forest and presented me with flowers like it was a romantic date.”

After Elena was reported missing, the police began a search and found the athlete, who was unharmed


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