My Daddy is A Zaddy, I Think Am Betraying My Mum - Lady

Dear readers, what is you say about what this Lady shared with a popularly instagram relationship blogger, Joroolumofin? Read her below and drop your opinions on the comments section. 

"Hello Joro. More Good evening. My dad is a zaddy as in zaddy zaddy. I'm always scoping him and I know that if he
wasn't my dad. 

"Anyways sha, he has this girlfriend who is young, I'll say maybe in her early 30s who recently met and she seems nice. She gifted me an iPhone 11 and I collected it. Am I betraying my mumsy by doing that?

"My parents are as good as separated so I mean why can't I just enjoy my benefit chop and clean mouth. Before anybody judges me here just know that you are not a saint. My mum has promised me this iPhone 11 since last year. 

"By September now iPhone 12 will come out and my mummy has not delivered. My sister said I should return the phone that 'm being a betrayer. 

"But I don't know if she's just beefing because she's still using a techno and I've upgraded. Should I return the phone? really don't want to."

Should she return the Phone to her daddy' s girlfriend? 

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