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Twist of Fate 28 July 2020: On Twist of Fate tuesday 28 July 2020 Zee world update, coporator and his goons seeing Abhi on road. Abhi runs with Pragya again into jungle. Goons catch the man who helped Abhi and Pragya elope and shoot him.

Corporator while searching feels severe pain in hand, sits under a tree and asks his men to continue searching. While running, Pragya falls into a ditch. Abhi notices it late and starts searching her calling fuggi. Pragya gets up from ditch and calls him. He does not listen to her. She takes tree stick branch and signals him. She sees branch and walks towards her.

Pragya’s daadi and Janaki meet Daadi and her cousins and tell Sarla is missing since morning. Daasi asks them not to worry and they all start searching Sarla.

Abhi sees Pragya in ditch and starts his usual jokergiri. He asks why did she reach her home. She asks him to stop joking and to ull her up. He asks to give hand. She tries to catch his hand but in vain (can take tree bark’s help tough). Abhi sees corporator’s goons coming and jumps into ditch. She asks if he is hurt. He asks her to stop her sound. Corporator’s goon come near ditch but walk back. Abhi and Pragya get trapped under net intimately. Kitne paas paas….song… plays in the background. Goons hear sound and come near ditch. Abhi senses them and hides under a wall (surprise goons don’t see them). Goons see snake instead and walk back. Pragya tries to speak but Abhi is holding her mouth. She points at her feet as Abhi has kept his feet on it. He removes his feet and then throws rope to escape. Pragya asks if he needs her help. He jokes again and asks her to climb alone. She tries and he laughs. She finally succeeds and asks him to come up with her help. Abhi’s jokergiri stops.

Purab and Bulbul are also busy searching Pragya and Abhi and ask people around, but nobody helps them. Tanu on the other side tells Aaliya that she wants to see Abhi right now. Aaliya says she will go and see if he is safe. Tanu says she herself wants to see.

Pragya injures her feet while walking. Abhi checks her wound and brings leaves to apply. She says it is not jadi boti but junglee leave. He asks her to stop, else he will stuff it in her mouth. He then applies leaves on her wound and bandages it with her veil. Mai tenu samjhava ki… plays in the background. She smiles and continues staring him. He says world’s problems solve by keeping mouth shut. She stops smiling. They both start walking again. Goons see Pragya’s dress cloth and head towards the route.

Aaliya brings Tanu to the underconstruction building. Tanu asks if she is sure Abhi is kept here. Aaliya says it is and they both starts searching the place. Tanu sees a construction worker staring at her and gets into card. She calls Aaliya and they both leave in their car.

Abhi sees a junglee fruit on floor and tree and starts his jokergiri again. He asks Pragya to climb tree and get fruit. She climbs but slips and falls on him. He says she is useless, climbs tree himself and plucks fruit ( apple on junglee tree).. She starts eating. He asks her to wait for hm. She says she is hungry. He starts his taunts again but enjoys fruit on tree. He throws last fruit and asks her to keep it for him. She says she will eat it. He slips from tree and fall on her. They both look at each other again.

Abhi’s usual dumb attitude and fight with Pragya. They continue to walk in jungle. She asks what is he missing being away from his family. He says daadi, guitar, his favorite pillow. She asks what about love. He thinks she is right, why is he not missing Tanu. They come back to the same spot. He scolds her for getting he to the same spot and asks what should do now. She says they should walk in 1 way. He says he will follow her then. Mai tenu samjhawa ki……. plays in the background while they continue walking.

Pragya’s daadi tells Purab and Bulbul that she searched Sarla everywhere but did not find her anywhere. Purab says they should inform police and calls commissioner. Bulbul sees Sarla sitting on temple steps with beggars and shows it to Daadi.

Aaliya gets out of car and tells Tanu that all her plans are failing and she has to execute her plan as she told corporator.

Bulbul sees a man thinking Sarla as beggar and giving her money and stops him. She wakes up Sarla. Sarla asks why are they here and how did she come here. Daadi says she came here to pray for Abhi and Pragya, but slept here worrying for them. Sarla says she was nervous and worried for Abhi/Pragya, so she came here to pray god, but why did she trouble everyone. She continues crying and tells that Abhi and Pragya got kidnapped because of her and came to seek answer from god. Daadi asks Sarla to come home with her. Bulbul asks Purab to drop Abhi’s daadi and her cousins home while she drops Sarla home.

Abhi and Pragya are still walking in jungle and it is already night. Abhi’s senseless talks continue, he continues taunting Pragya and irking her. He says there are chudails/witches here and she will be afraid. She says he will be afraid. He says is not. She sees a secluded house/bhooth bangla and enters. He gets afraid and asks Fuggi to not enter in, but enters in. He asks where is she. She says same place where he saw her last. They both clash and fall on ground. He sees pillar without support (rope is clearly seen) and says he is puzzled about this pillar. She asks him to sleep now. His senseless talk continues, and he sleeps on floor.

Bulbul serves medicine to daadi. Daadi asks her to take care of Sarla. Bulbul goes to Sarla’s room and asks why did not she have food yet. She says she is not hungry. Bulbul says if she does not eat, she will also go like Pragya. Sarla says she cannot tolerate if she goes, eats food and also feeds Bulbul. Bulbul gets emotional and hugs her. Sarla says she is sleepy and will rest now. Bulbul drapes blanket on her and leaves.

Corporator gets tired and sits on stone, writhing in hand pain due to bullet injury. Goon says he searched Abhi and Pragya in whole jungle but did not find them. Corporator scolds him and asks to search again, if they are not found, he will be in trouble else.

Pragya sees Abhi sleeping and thinks his stupid talks make her smile and prays god to keep him same always. She then goes to sleep. Abhi wakes up and thinks she is sleeping peacefully, but he is not getting sleep. He sees idol’s sword moving, gets afraid and wakes up Pragya. Pragya also sees sword moving but says it is just his imagination. He says her specs number has increased and there are ghosts all around and will kill them. She says they should go and check. He asks her to go first. She scolds her and asks to follow her. He goes in opposite direction frightening. She sees god’s idol and tells he is very fattu, it is god’s idol and not ghost. He says he will not come . She drags him and shows idol, says it must he jungle god. He asks jungle god will help only jungle people. She says god helps everyone. He says then why are they in jungle and kidnapped, etc..She asks him to be silent. He says he will walk out, leaves, gets afraid and stops and says he came back for her. she prays god to make Abhi also believe in god.

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