What Exactly Are These People Doing With Cane in the Church? (Video)

I was wondering what kind of pray this people were praying with canes. I can still remember the weapons of our warfare are not canal. 

What exactly are this people doing with cane in the house of God. 

Below is a very hilarious video of some church members who were busily beating Satan with canes.

In the video Monitored by KINGSPARO.COM, Pastor ordered them to whip the ground with cane indicating that they are beating Satan and all their enemies. 

Watch Video:

The church members prayed vigorously and whipped ‘Satan’ so hard as they beat off their devil away to commence 2019.

However, the location or the name of the church has not been identified yet but it a video that has caused an uproar on social media.

Many social media users laughed off when they see the video.

Some social media users have expressed their disappointment as to why some deluded people could believe modern-day pastors with such ideology.

By now ‘Satan’ will be in intense pain due to the numerous lashes received from the church members.

Source: NetflixShows.Net

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