What A Wicked World, Read The Reason Why Man Cut Off His Friend's Head in Edo State

It's very bad how a 29 years old man lost his life for just telling his friend that his brother who stays in South Africa sent him money to complete his house project in Nigeria. 

Truth to be told, some things should be secret because one who you call your friend could be your worst enemy. 

The 29 years old man, Abuchi Wisdom, Nwachukwu from Isiala Mbano, in Imo was allegedly killed by his friend and colleague after he told his friend that his brother sent him the sum of 13 million for him to complete his house in the Village. 

Abuchi's friend and colleague named Moses used to work together in a pure water company in Auchi, Edo State. After Moses killed his friend Abuchi, he still went ahead to cut off his head so that his dead body won't be identified then drop his body in a bush nearby the company. 

The whole incident took place in January 7, 2020 during a night shift at the table water company they used to work. Moses took possession of Nwachukwu’s phone and ATM card after killing and beheading his lifeless body. 

After getting rid of Nwachukwu, Moses took the latter’s phone and ATM card to some internet fraudsters in Auchi who helped him to withdraw the sum of N2.2 million from Nwachukwu’s account.

Thereafter, Moses approached various POS points in the city to withdraw various sums of money.

The police were puzzled when they Nwachukwu’s headless body but could not identify him. They took the body to the mortuary while Nwachukwu’s relatives in Imo State as well as his brother in South Africa worried about his sudden disappearance and their inability to reach him on the phone.

His South Africa based brother was said to have written a petition to the Inspector General of Police, Adamu Mohammed, months after he could not locate his brother or hear from him. Operatives of the Intelligence Response Team (IRT), headed by Abba Kyari, a Deputy Commissioner of Police, swung into action to unravel the mystery behind Nwachukwu’s disappearance.

It was gathered that weeks into their investigation IRT operatives were able to trace the POS transactions Moses did with Nwachukwu’s ATM cards to Benin, Ore and Auchi parts of Edo State.

They later arrested him in a hotel in Auchi where he was hiding.

Upon interrogation, Moses admitted killing Nwachukwu. He also led IRT operatives to arrest suspected internet fraudsters—Yusuf Sagiru, Tony Bright and Terence Okochukwu—as well as businessman Jahswill Ogbonnaya, who were said to have helped Moses to pull out the sum of N6 million from the account.

Upon interrogation, Moses a 27-year-old native of Auchi, said his friend’s ghost had been hunting him since the day he killed him.

Read Moses' Confession Here!!! 

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