ZeeWorld: Update on This is Fate 2 for Thursday 30th July 2020

On Thursday Update on This is Fate 2, Shrishti is with Samer and is not able to explain her feelings, she say that now everything will happen for the right reasons. Rishab holds Sherlin’s hands saying that she said she was his wife and they vowed to stand by each other in each and every moment but now that he knows their wedding was based on a lie then there is no relation of husband and wife, he throws her out of the house. She does not leave and comes back in asking Karina to trust her. She says that no one will be able to live happily if she goes away. Raj yells them to stop, he says that she was right and if it would have been her sister. He would never do such a thing which he did now, she was right and has stopped him from doing such an evil act.

Prithvi goes to him and says that he must speak the truth otherwise they will hurt him really bad. Shrishti comes to him asking that’s he will beat him to death if he does not speak the truth, Sarla also asks that he has said the truth and why is he backing from what he said. Sherlin thanks him asking the name of the person on whose order he said it, he says that it was Preeta and Sarla.

Sarla says that he is deceiving them and is the one who got them kidnapped, she pleads them all to trust them. Raj says that he can no longer lie on their orders and is also an human being and so cannot ruin the lie of another girl. The Arora family try to plead that they all are telling the truth and he is the one who is lying. Sarla also asks Prithvi to tell them and he explains that he saw and heard that Raj was the one who kidnapped both Sarla and Preeta.They all try to make them all understand that they are telling the truth and they must not let believe in anything that Sherlin is saying because she is not a good girl and is not worthy to live in their family.

Rakhi ask them to remain quiet, she explains that they cannot humiliate their own daughter in law. She respects them a lot but now is forced to ask them to leave and not come back, and she also says that there can no longer remain any relation between them.

Karina says that she told them from the start that they cannot be trusted and now do they believe her because they all are now trying to ruin their family. Preeta request Rishab to believe her because he knows that she can never do anything of the sort. Rishab explains that he cannot comprehend who is the one telling the truth and who is lying.

Karina asks the servant to take back the bags of Sherlin and throw out the unwanted people, Preeta starts to plead to everyone asking them all to trust her but they do not. She also ask Dadi to believe what she said, dadi also doesn’t believe her and says that she cannot understand why all the elders are also standing with the children. Sarla says that she is sorry to hear that they do not believe her,

Rakhi explains that they cannot underestimate their own daughter in law. Bi jee says that they have never been humiliated like this before and should leave, she leaves. Sarla say that she has to say that their family have also done a lot to help their family in any manner they were able to and now they have proven that they do not trust them which is enough to destroy any sort of barrier that ever existed between them. She explains that they might have ended their relation but the relation which they have made with Sherlin will not let them ever stay in peace. Because she is not worth trusting, she also says that she will never come to their house. Preeta also starts to walk away. She stops at the side of Karan but seeing his reaction leaves without saying anything.

Preeta says that she does not understand how Raj deceived them all because he said that he will tell the truth. Prithvi says that he was a kidnapper and she is very nice so she must not expect much from him. But what did the Luthra do to them because they always claimed that they all are the like family to them but what did they do and instead that believed a wrong person which they have never met. Shrishti is very angry saying that they should have let her torture him even more, at which Sarla asks her to stop.

Karan is in his room and is thinking why did Preeta come back. He thinks that she might have come back to regain her position in their house and family because she did not come at the time when they had to stop the wedding. He thinks that she is very clever, Rishab walks in saying that he is not able to comprehend what is happening because Karan said that Preeta took money from Sherlin. But then why did she come back to stop his marriage. Karan says that this was not the case and she only came back to get back into their family. Rishab says that they both must forget that there was ever any girl with the name of Preeta in their lives. Rishab says that he thinks Karan is right and what he did is correct. Because they had a very deep bond with the family of the Aroras but is amazed to hear that they were behind this all.

Sherlin is listening and is happy to hear that they both have started to hate Preeta and her family and so they must hate them, all like this. Rishab says that they must forget Preeta like this. Rakhi says that she is amazed to hear that Sarla was with her daughters and that children do make mistakes but parents should never side with them. They all were blaming Sherlin in front of all the guest but they should side with Sherlin as she is her family member and she is also ashamed that she talked with such rudeness to Sarla but what more could she do. Mahesh asks her to listen to what he has to say with great care.

Mahesh explains that he does not trust Raj and will never believe such a thing because he does not know him, he explains all the things that she has done for their family. She was with them when their both sons were in jail and also when Karan was charged with molestation, he says that it was Preeta who also saved Rishab. Rakhi gets very confused asking him to explain each and everything, he says that he is curious of Sherlin. Because he himself has saw her a lot of times and they will not talk of it until he finds the truth.

Shrishti says that she should have let her beat Raj a little more. Sarla asks her to stop saying that she saw what happened and they were not even listening to a thing that they said. Even when they got into a lot of problem because they did not want Rishab to get married with a wrong person but this is enough and they will never do anything for them because their views do not meet.

Prithvi asks her to remain calm because whenever they need her they call her but then they throw her out and it was enough when they threw her out with their own hands. Preeta asks him how he knows this because he was not there, he explains that when there is a big event then it spreads. Shrishti refuses to accept it however Sarla takes his side saying that he is about to be a part of their family and they can trust him.

She says that they have done a lot for their family but they do not trust them so they will no longer be a part of that family and will not even accept it as a guest. She also warns them to not meet any person of the Luthra family. She gets dizzy and sits down. Sherlin is walking, thinking that she has to do something to make Mahesh refuse to accept that Preeta is a nice person. She thinks that he also trust them even when the whole family has decided to end any relation with them. So she has to do something that will also make Mahesh hate Preeta like everyone else.

Shrishti comes to Preeta with a glass of water saying that Prithvi is standing with their mother and trying to further instigate her against the Luthra. She explains that she does not believe that he is a nice person and she does not have to be against the Luthras. Preeta says that she is intelligent enough to think what is right and wrong so she will never believe anything that they say against their mother, she says that they have done a lot for their family but what did they do. They insulted them and threw them out of their house. Their own mother was about to die because they believed that Rakhi was also like their mother. But they will not let anyone insult their own mother, they have their own self-respect and are not the ones who take money, she starts to cry and Shrishti also gets emotional.

Karan is in his room thinking what Preeta said and then decides to text him. He writes a confusing text which she is not able to understand. She calls him and he asks what she has to say, he say that he has to thank her this is because when he threw her out of the house no one trusted him and believed that she was right. And now they all know that she cannot be trusted. She says that she knows that everything has ruined between them and all that was once there is no more so he can leave her alone and let her remain in peace so she ends the call. He gets angry and again calls her but he continuously calls her, she is not picking the call because she does not want to talk to him. Because he does not trust her and accept that she was about to die for his family so she will never accept the call. She starts to cry by standing near the window.

Karan is still very angry and calls her again, she goes to her bed and switches off the phone. He gets angry and throws the phone breaking it just when Sherlin walks in. She gets stunned and then walks up to him asking if Preeta did not pick his call. He gets angry asking her to get out of the room, she says that she has come to thank him because they all stood by her when they were accusing her. He says that everyone trust her except him and he knows that she is wrong. Karan does not listen anything that she says.

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