That Alleged N34 Million Use to Buy Casket to Bury Him Should Have Been Given to the Poor

Late Chief (Dr) Anthony Obiagboso Enukeme gave up a Ghost on the 8th of June, 2020 at the age of 76.

The CEO of Tonimas Oil and Gas, Late Chief (Dr) Sir Anthony Obiagboso Enukeme, pomp and circumstance in his hometown, Neni, Anambra state.

However, The admiration of the burial was the glass casket that dazzled in the eyes of all mourners and attendees of the ceremony.

According to Oriental Times, Unverified reports claim the glass casket costs a whopping N34million.

My opinion: If actually the casket worth that amount, why waste it on what is going beneath the earth. 

It should have been shared to poor masses instead! 

Source: NetflixShows.Net

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