Thief Caught Trying to Steal Generator in Federal Polytechnic Nekede, Imo State

There is a saying that everyday is for the theif just one day is for the owner of the house. 

A theif has been caught in Federal Polytechnic Nekede trying to steal a generator in a lodge identified as Famous House, in Umuofocha community. 

If you know Federal Polytechnic Nekede very well and you don't know Famous House in Umuofocha, its close to a popular lodge in South Africa, known as 11:45. 

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According to Reports, KINGSPARO TV learnt that the guy has been terrorizing the lodge for 6-months now.

He was caught on Saturday morning, 1st August 2020 around 4am. 

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Residence tied his hands and legs with rope so that he won't escape and handed him over to Umuofocha security.


Source: NetflixShows.Net

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