This is Carelessness! 34years Old Woman and Her Baby Found Dead On The Road

A 34years Old Woman and Her new born baby of about 3 months old found dead in the road somewhere in Kombani Village in Kwale county, Kenya. 

The residence of Kombani village are blowing hot because they claim the death of mother and her baby was due to Carelessness from designated authorities. 

According to residence, the woman and her baby was electrocuted. The villagers claimed that a power log fell weeks ago but it has not been switched off despite complaints that it is posing a serious danger to the residents of the area.

The power line was reported to have been brought down by heavy rains that have been pouring in the coastal area for weeks now. 

So on that sorrowful day, the woman and her baby passed near a power line that had dropped causing her immediate electrocution amidst the wet climate conditions currently at the coast.

Mwasera is now demanding that the Kenya power company officers designated to handle safety should bear responsibility of the accident and resign. 

The bodies of the two are lying at the Kwale Funeral home awaiting autopsy.

Human Rights Activist Mwinyi Haji said they have taken up the issue as they promised to take regional managers to court over negligence.

Source: NetflixShows.Net

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