Man Killed 2 Women, Stored Them In Freezer For Years (Photos)

A convicted sex offender was today, 3rd August, 2020 jailed for at least 38 years without parole after being convicted of murdering two women whose bodies were found inside a freezer in his flat.

When police caught up with Younis, they found the bodies had been frozen for so long at his flat in Canning Town, East London, that they had become fused together.

The manipulative killer has a history of preying on the vulnerable women(the homeless, stranded women, prostitutes, drug addicts), abusing then and was previously jailed for getting a child bride pregnant when she was 14 after marrying her in a mosque.

He showed no emotion as the verdicts were read out.

'You have been convicted by the strong prosecution case. Not only were the bodies of two women found in your home, hidden in a locked freezer purchased for that purpose, they showed signs of violence which you failed to explain.'

The judge said Younis had 'robbed' his victims of 'all happiness in life and dignity in death,' and said: 'You have no remorse.'

Bodycam footage released by Scotland Yard today showed police officers searching the flat before they made the grim discovery in last year, with one detective heard saying:

'There's a freezer here I want to get into but it's locked'

He said: 'He broke open the freezer and discovered what could only be seen, at the time, as only one body.

'It actually took the freezer being taken away and X-rayed for it to be seen there was another body fused underneath.

It was a gruesome discovery for the officers.'.


Source: NetflixShows.Net

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