Tears as Unidentified Men Machete Prince Chukwuma to Death in Awka Central, Anambara state

Reports from Awka-Etiti in Anambara state say unidentified men have killed the son of Akum Ojukwu, an ex-King in the state with cutlass. 

Residents close to the incident said Chukwuma Ojukwu, known as 'Agujiugo', was attacked at his father's house in Nkolopia, and was brutalized. 

The incident happened on Tuesday night.

He was taken to Our Lady of Fatima Catholic Hospital in Awka-Central where doctors confirmed that he had passed away.

An attempt by the BBC to contact Anambara State Police on the death was unsuccessful as Police Spokesperson Haruna Muhammed did not pick up his phone.

But Awka-Etiti's BBC Igbo correspondents, who did not want to be named, said they can say what led to the killing of the prince. 

Instead they testified that the gentleman before his death, tried to claim Igwe's status as his father but the Awka-Etiti people did not support him because being Igwe in their community moved from village to village, not from father to son.

Source: NetflixShows.Net

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