Unimaginable Reason Why Plumber Stabs His Client to Death Also Wound His Mother and Neighbour

A 43yrs Old plumber have stabbed his client to death because of normal thing people do ask while ordering for goods or services.

The 43yrs Old man whose name is yet to be released stabbed one Inna Murzaeva, 32, to death. The horrifying incident occurred in the city of Almaty, in the north-eastern part of the country, on September 4 after the deceased invited the plumber to her apartment after finding him online.

Kingsparo Blog learnt that he also attacked her mother and their male neighbour who had tried to protect the women.

According to reports, reason why plumber stabbed his client to death is because she asked him for Discount. Imagine that, discount I do ask anytime I want to buy something from people. That means by now i would have died 10 times. 

This is unimaginable and sad, News has it that the woman died on the spot while ones wounded remains in critical condition. 

The plumber arrested by the Police. Acting Chief of Police Tanat Nazanov confirmed the incident, saying: 

"The suspect attacked the women during pay negotiations after they began to bargain.

"He was charged with murder and taken into custody."

Source: NetflixShows.Net

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