I Think I Will Stop Going To Church Because This Portion Of Bible Got Me Confused Yesterday

Men and brethren, I bring you Calvary greetings from our Lord JESUS Christ who is the maker of Heaven and earth.

My Name is Jasper Chinedu I am a Christian by believe. I attend a life believing Church of which I won't like to mention here.

Recently, I have been thinking on stopping to go to church simply because some of the doctrines and believe gets me confused. Just like today's sermon. The priest drew his teachings from (Mattew 11-12).

I will be Reading from King James version, which says. "And from the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven sufferers violence, and the violent take it by force".

At the course of today's scriptural teaching, I was confused and was not able to understand this verse outrightly.

Here are 2 Questions that I have been pondering on since I came back from church.

1. How come in the days of John the baptist children of God still want to suffer violence?

2. How will the violent take it by force? When we are not supposed to fight as Christains.

Note: This is like a question that needs explanation, just help a brother who still want to grow in faith. The pictures used above is illustration purpose and not to violate the rules of this platform.

Please, you can use the comment box to make me understand it better.

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