Nigerian Business strategist rescues a drowning Lady from Lagos Ocean (photos)

A Nigerian Business strategist Identified as Smauel Otigba narrates how he rescued a Drowning Lady from the Ocean but he didn't disclose the Location which the Incident took place.

On Twitter, He wrote: "Had to jump & swim into the ocean rn with my work clothes to rescue a lady that was drowning after people heard her scream. Omooo today is off to a crazy start. How is your day going."

"She is unconscious but still breathing, @DrBisola is catering to her rn. Heard she went in with her boyfriend but he didn’t make it."

"She’s breathing rn but exhausted. She’s so brave. Legit fought for her life even when everyone thought she was dead because she was floating lifeless without moving. She’ll be fine. Hopefully."

Source: NetflixShows.Net

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